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Real-time audience connections

Actionable data, creative solutions and the world’s biggest influencers. You want in? Global leaders or innovative startups, we harness our unique relationships with über influencers to put brands in front of 230 million people every day.

1. Global social amplification

Intimate, 24/7 access to 230 million people around the globe. Our unique relationships with world superstars put brands where they need to be; engaging and connecting with their audiences. And it’s all powered by data. We know what they eat, where they shop, what they listen to. Ready to meet them?

  • Product placement
  • Product seeding
  • Branded postings

2. Targeted marketing campaigns

We develop, market and analyse disruptive campaigns for brands across any sector. So if you’re sitting on an idea, or need help figuring out your next move; our iconic superstars can help you reach the right people. Signed, sealed, delivered… and amplified.

  • Social amplification
  • Brand ambassadors
  • 360º campaign management

3. Unique storytelling

Everyone is thirsty for unique content. Our special relationship with the world social stars means we can make short and long-form content about our influencers’ everyday lives — think real-time, intimate stories about today’s most followed icons.

  • Lifestyle media
  • Programming
  • Reactive player content

Turning athletes into icons

World-class content, real-time storytelling, commercial partnerships and more — if you’re an athlete looking to grow, we’re looking at you. The secret? A dedicated team using data, creative and commercial experience to build iconic personal brands for our athletes. Ready to make history?

1. Always-on social management

We’re always on. Which means we’re constantly telling our athletes’ stories. 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Campaigns, reactive pieces or planned content — we use real-time data to connect our social stars with a truly global fanbase. We go where your audience go, and we have the expertise.

  • Social media management
  • Social media strategy
  • Social analytics & data

2. Cutting edge storytelling

Epic moments stand out — on and off the pitch. That’s why we don’t just capture our athletes’ achievements, we turn them into world-class content stories for millions around the world. Video, graphics and everything in between — our creative team make unique content that moves people.

  • Content concepting
  • Full content production and editing
  • Photography and video

3. Authentic commercial partnerships

We’re 24/7. That doesn’t mean just creating compelling content for our athletes, it means constantly looking for oppportunties to match them with names that will elevate their personal brand. If it doesn’t work for them; it doesn’t work for us.

We’re working on a next-generation influencer portal for athletes — a platform to select live campaigns, connect with the right brands and more. All in real time. Coming soon.

  • On-brand partnerships
  • Authentic concepts
  • Ease of use




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